Clownfish, Experts in Both Marketing & Sustainability

Clownfish marketing is the creative brand and communications consultancy behind quite a few of the names you see on TreeHugger. This is no surprise as Clownfish only works with companies that have strong environmental, social and economic values.

Clownfish work out brand strategies for those companies that feel a bit disconnected in today’s world of globalisation or slightly faceless next to the huge amount of alternative businesses their clients have access to everywhere through the internet. Their goal is to make clients trust a brand and provide motivation to stay with it.

BRA, Brand Strategy Audit, is Clownfish’s online survey that lets your company find out what your stakeholders think of your brand. With over 150.000 respondents across the UK, Clownfish have built a pretty strong database that can provide key information.

Their list of clients include: InterfaceFLOR, Ben & Jerry’s, Worn Again, Lonely Planet, Nike, Abel & Cole, Levi’s, Ingle & Rhode, Actics,… You can read some of their case studies online.

Apart from brand strategy, this marketing company predicts trends & insights, creates brand experiences such as events and road shows, grass-roots activities and ambience media, offers digital planning (concept design, e-marketing…), PR and coaching. By coaching, Clownfish mean education, in order to understand ‘how environmental, social and ethical performance affects the future profitability of your brand is just the starting point; the hard part is knowing what changes to make, how to make them and how to monitor performance’.

Questions they ask are: ‘What direct and indirect impacts does my brand have on the environment and society? How can we encourage, monitor and reward sustainable practices? Or: What practical steps can I take to put sustainability at the heart of my business practices and communications?

Clownfish themselves invest in energy and reforestation programmes through Climate Care in order to offset their emissions. Founded and based in London, Clownfish opened their second office in New York last month. We say this is a market niche well filled! ::Clownfish

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