Closed Car Dealership Finds New Life as an Art Gallery

Pete's Motors Dealership Made in the USA Invite

Image courtesy of artist, Elisabeth Subrin, Lost Tribes and Promised Lands, 2009

The saying should go, When the going gets tough... the tough show art. The sight of empty car lots is nothing new these days. The lack of sales during the recession has not been as easy affair for most dealerships. Many have succumb to the fate of closing their doors due to the practically nonexistent market for new cars.For awhile now, Pete's Motors in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has been a dark, empty, and dismal reminder of the hard times that trail behind and lie ahead. Instead of the colored balloons and rainbow lettered sale signs, all that remains are a few tread marks and footprints from the days Pete's was a rather successful, family owned automotive dealership.

Pete's had been around for nearly 80 years when they were forced to close their doors. Today, however the lot is once again poised to accept a slew of eager onlookers. But instead of walking through the door to ogle the gleaming chrome, new styles, and colors of this years newest and hottest models, they will be treated to contemporary art.

The exhibit, called "Made in the USA", will be a non-profit show featuring art from some of the most talented, upcoming, and established artists from all over the world. It can be viewed 24/7 at Pete's showrooms from June 27 through August 2, 2009. The exhibit owes a huge thanks to the community and its supporters for making it possible.

To quote yet another overused, but fitting saying, when life hands you lemons... use them for the benefit of the community. Such as in, oh, I don't know, making enough lemonade to support the arts and artists in your area. For more information contact Philip "Pip" Deely at or visit

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