Clorox Green Works Reaches 40 Million Dollar Market Share In First Year

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Although, sadly, kitchens everywhere rapidly become gross (as pictured), products for cleaning are rapidly greening. Case in point: the Clorox Green Works line has had remarkable sales growth, since introduced in early 2008. Forty million dollars worth of sales is an amazing market gain in such a short time: especially for a company with a brand name built on the root word "chlorine," a term that has long represented chemical anathema to a faction of traditional environmentalists. What a parable of brand power.

Note: Sales growth for the new product line has not eroded cleaning product sales for the several small firms that pioneered low-hazard cleaning products in the USA.

And perhaps most significantly, Green Works seems to be luring customers away from traditional cleaning products rather than from green rivals - expanding the overall market for green cleaners.
Via:SF Gate, Clorox cleaners take big share of green marketWe highly recommend reading the entire story by Ilana DeBare, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer. The article makes clear that we are transitioning past the era when "Deep Green" customers, exclusively, drove the market for environmentally-preferred products, to an era where mainstream interest in green products is scaling up.

In a counter-intuitive way, the increased frequency of green washing by "slow follower" type companies (which has driven the FTC to act by updating their guidelines) is a good indication, because it demonstrates that green dreams are becoming mainstream desires, and have the potential to change markets in a far more radical way than FDA regulation can.

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