Clippings: Geoengineering, Wine in Boxes, Zero Waste

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Ryan Avent disses geoengineering in If the Grass Looks Greener, It's Important to Understand the Nature of the Fence; TreeHugger Take: 7 Geoengineering Solutions That Promise To Save Humans from Climate Change

Yahoo publishes an edited version of an article on the merits of boxed wine, (and shows a picture of tetra-pak wine, a completely different thing). TreeHugger Take: Wine In A Box: The Greenest Way To Drink? and Which Is Greener, Wine Bottle or Box? Depends on the Box

The New York Times discovers Zero Waste in Nudging Recycling From Less Waste to None. TreeHugger Take: Recycling is Bullshit ; Make Nov. 15 Zero Waste Day, not America Recycles Day

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