Clippings from the NY Times

There is so much to read in the New York Times today that we thought we would do a summary. You can start with another late entry to the wasteful packaging category, with this silly idea: cheese packed in a disposable grater from the Dining Section. Also read how disposable gloves on kitchen staff does not necessarily mean clean food.

Moving to more important subjects: The boom in Silicon Valley. "Out of the ashes of the Internet bust, many technology veterans have regrouped and found a new mission in alternative energy: developing wind power, solar panels, ethanol plants and hydrogen-powered cars." who else is jumping in? "lawyers, accountants, recruiters and publicists, all developing energy-oriented practices to cater to the cause." Be very afraid when the doctors start investing. More at Start-Up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley.

There is also A U.S. Alliance to Update the Light Bulb- "A coalition of industrialists, environmentalists and energy specialists is banding together to try to eliminate the incandescent light bulb in about 10 years." -not including, of course, GE, which is fighting such a move.

In Opinion, a cattle rancher talks about Smithfield Farms eliminating gestation cages for pigs. "Because we ask the ultimate sacrifice of these creatures, it is incumbent on us to ensure that they have decent lives. Let us view the elimination of gestation crates as just a small first step in the right direction."

in The Arts, Nicolai Ouroussoff reviews the San Francisco Federal Building, covered by us here.

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