Clinton Global Initiative Expanding to Universities in March, 2008

With all the madness leading up to the Democratic Primary down in South Carolina I’m not quite sure how President Clinton found the time to announce the expansion of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to college campuses through CGI U. But it turns out that his folks are hard at work building a presence in colleges and universities throughout the country by bringing students, academics, and social, political and cultural leaders together to discuss ways to bring about global change on issues like climate change and world poverty.The Inaugural Meeting of CGI U will take place March 14-16, 2008, at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. And students who wish to get involved can apply online through CGI U. With no cost to attend and some travel assistance available, it’s probably a great way to network, make some new friends, and brainstorm some great new ways to challenge the conventional thinking on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

In fact, the whole idea is to mirror the annual meetings held each year in New York City, where people at the highest levels in business and politics get together to do the same. After all, what better way to change the world than to start by joining with others who have the same goal in mind?

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via:: CGI U

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