Climate Week In Prospectus


The forces of climate change denial and economic self-interest have renewed their grip over the news cycle. AP is reporting that: - "The U.S. has done better lately than some countries in restraining the growth of global warming gas emission, and isn't likely to change its stand against mandatory controls, a U.S. negotiator said Monday as 5,000 delegates opened the annual U.N. climate conference". We don't expect the US media to do much detailed reporting on the conference. Get the details directly from this site. More monkey business comes from Europe, via Dow Jones Newswire (subscription only): - "In a statement released Sunday, the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers said it "firmly opposes" European Union legislation to cut CO2 emissions. E.U. safety legislation had forced carmakers to add weight to their vehicles, bringing down their fuel efficiency and raising their emissions, the manufacturers said". Worldwide antics: - another release from Dow Jones reports that "International airline passenger traffic rose 4.7% in September from a year earlier while freight traffic increased 4.9%, The International Air Transport Association said Wednesday." Obviously, C02 emissions will have been commensurate. Finally, the folks at RealClimate, have documented the latest professional association clashes between the "skeptic" and the "scientist" troups. The comments section to the RealClimate post is definitely the "go to place" for anyone wanting to see where the US-based denialists are attempting to lead the world's media.

Have we missed anything?

Photo credit: J. Ottman; first known depiction of the "hear-no, say-no, see-no evil monkees", at the Toshugu shrine, in Nikko, Japan.