Climate Versus Economy: Yale Model Allows You to Decide

If you live in a democracy, then your vote helps to decide how politicians should act to curb carbon dioxide emissions and achieve energy independence. But how can the average voter make sense of it all? The IPCC says we must act now or we miss the window of opportunity to spare future generations from untold suffering. The climate change denialists cry that economic collapse will cause untold suffering in the short to middle term if we commit to strong action for change. What should you believe? To the rescue: Yale Professor Robert Repetto, professor in the practice of economics and sustainable development, has developed an interactive website that calculates the costs of climate change. Yale, presumably staying on the cutting edge of modern marketing, now offers this 5-minute YouTube video to draw people into Repetto's website.Professor Repetto's web site, See For Yourself, allows you to make the assumptions which control the predictions of his meta-model. See For Yourself is considered a meta-model because it combines many models developed by various economists. Studying the different models for calculating the economic impact of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Professor Repetto discovered that the main differences in the outcomes of the various models are due to only seven key assumptions.

See For Yourself allows each visitor to input their own opinions on these seven assumptions. You can play with changing your assumptions and see the impact on the final calculations. And, quite significantly, you can better understand the important questions behind climate policy. Knowledge is power.

Via Dave DeFusco of ::Yale

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