Climate Skeptics In Siberian Self-Exile: The Tunguska Event Stikes Again!

Al Gore has so succeeded with his lead role on the Climate stage, we figured that the skeptics would have to suffer a year or two out of the limelight. But, we were stuck inside the North American box with that kind of thinking. The skeptics, it seems, have cleverly moved their propaganda cheese to a developing nation with big oil pools, where their old tricks are less recognized. The Financial Times (which long ago beat the Wall Street Journal to the rational side of Climate Street), has the story. In "Seasonal Gloom," The FT's Observer From Moscow sets the stage with a description of how lousy Muscovites feel with no snow on the ground to reflect the winter's low light into their eyes. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) amplified by climate change: a first! Here's the goods: "NTV Television, owned by state-controlled Gazprom, hardly helped lift the gloom by screening a documentary suggesting the mild winder was the belated result of global warming sparked not by carbon emissions but by the so-called Tunguska Event of 1908 - when a meteorite or comet is believed to have exploded into the air above a remote part of Siberia with the force of a nuclear blast". The supposedly unaccounted-for solar irradiation increases and the the 'Little Ice Age' are so yesterday, so uncool. Moving on, the skeptics now have their own "Tunguska Effect" to spew uncertainty with (see critique on RealClimate here). Gazprom could teach Exxon a thing or two about the medium being the message.

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