Climate Skeptics Given Much More Space by US Newspapers Than Foreign Press

stack of wall street journal papers photoNeon Tommy/CC BY-ND 2.0

Unless you regularly make a point of following international reporting on climate change, this may comes as a surprise, if not intuitively off: US newspapers give much more space and uncritical presentation of climate change denialists than do foreign print news outlets, a new report in Environmental Research Letters says (ht Climate Progress).

Read either link for the full picture, but the chart and quote below gives you the big picture:
percentage of climate skeptic articles verus overall coverage chart© Environmental Research Letters
The number of articles containing skeptical voices as a percentage of the total number of articles covering global warming, 2009-2010.

The US newspapers had the largest number of articles in percentage terms (34%) which contained skeptical voices over the period examined, and nearly double the next country which was the UK at 19%. The Chinese newspapers came next with 7% of all articles, although the figures were taken from a low base. India and France followed with roughly 6%, with Brazil last at 3%. So, despite the high number of articles in the Indian and Brazilian press covering the issue, a very low percentage of these included skeptical voices.

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