Climate Research Unit Releases All its Data, Depriving Skeptics of a Favorite Talking Point


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One of the favorite talking points offered up by the more rabid climate conspiracy theorists is that scientists are "hiding something" because they refuse to release their data every time a skeptic asks for it. Scientists saw these frequent requests as disruptive to their work (it sometimes requires bureaucratic maneuvering to get countries to release their records) and went on the defensive against the skeptics. But now, the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University -- one of the world's foremost labs on the subject, and the target of the now-infamous email hacking -- has released every last scrap of data that it had on the books, after complying with a Freedom of Information request.Here's the BBC:

The University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, target of "ClimateGate", has released nearly all its remaining data on temperature measurements following a freedom of information bid.

The unit works with the UK Met Office to compile one of the world's most used records of global temperature change. Most temperature data was already available, but critics of climate science want everything public.

Data from Trinidad and Tobago is being released against the country's wishes. Following the latest release, raw data from virtually all of the world's 5,000-plus weather stations is freely available

The only exception in the entire world is Poland, which for undisclosed reasons, refused to release the records gathered in its 19 stations. No doubt that's where the denier conspiracy theorists will focus their energies next: Well, the scientists might not be hiding anything, but what's Poland keeping in the shadows?

Anyhow, this development is for the best. It's been my opinion, along with many other climate writers', that this information should have been made public years ago -- to make climate science just that much more transparent to the public, and to deprive the conspiracy-minded skeptics of some of their favorite ammo.

Something tells me, however, that they'll find a way to remain unsatisfied ...

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