Climate Performance Watch 2008 Released In Bali

Climate Change Performance Index 2008 was just released in Bali Indonesia. We covered the 2007 release of the report, and the Chinese blow-back here.

See the full "Germanwatch" issued 2008 report for yourself here.

The expected news: US ranks down near the bottom (#55 out of 56 possible) 15 steps below China.

Among the pleasant surprises found in the 2008 report, Mexico is positioned toward the top of the ranked performers.

It's important to keep in mind that Germanwatch is using a forward-looking performance index. A trailing indicator-type (TI) index would weigh only such things as historic emission rates and what was invested already, based on past planning or regulations, whereas a forward-looking (FL) performance index looks at future programs, newly designed management systems, plus budgeted investments and projected emissions.

One can categorically and ideologically criticize forward-looking (FL)systems by arguing that they are too much of a stretch, technologically, or that they look idealistic or unpragmatic when considered against the past actions of a nation or industry sector. The advantage of FL systems is they make the laggards really stand out and the dreamers and hard workers get some credit for trying.Here's an example of what Mexico is up to.

Both Mexico and Costa Rica have engaged in ambitious tree-planting efforts. A far cry from the community efforts often seen in the United States, Mexico wants to put 250 million trees in the ground by the end of 2007, and Costa Rica's goal is 6.5 million.

Image credit::Germanwatch

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