Climate Paranoia Strikes Deep

"Australia must populate its undeveloped tropical north or face invasion by Asian refugees driven south by climate change, an outspoken Government MP has warned."

"Northern Australia, which unlike the south of the continent enjoys an annual wet season and has plenty of water, could be coveted if temperature rises leave parts of Asia short of food and water. Rising sea levels could make millions of Asian people homeless and drive them to seek sanctuary elsewhere, Heffernan believes."

"Nearly 40 per cent of Asia's four billion population live within 70km of the sea, with low-lying cities such as Bangkok particularly vulnerable to a surge in sea levels. An Oxford University study claimed that 73 million Chinese could lose their homes as a result of rising sea levels."

This thinking is from a government that has, for years, busied itself with climate denial, backing US-grown obfuscations. When denial collapses, paranoia fills the gap. A perfect distraction from the work of mitigating against climate disaster.

What lyrics harken from the 1960's?

Via::New Zealand Herald Image credit::Remote Sensing Tutorial, North Coast of Australia

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