Climate Monster v.s.The Mad Hatter: At NIMBY Square Garden

We wish it were a professional wrestling bout; but, this post is about environmental theater, in which, like it or not, we are the audience. Act one: residents of the Long Island Sound NY area are asking the State's new Governor, Eliot Spitzer, to side with them in their opposition to a proposed LNG terminal siting project. From the Newsday, of Melville, N.Y.:- "Environmentalists and politicians opposed to the liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for Long Island Sound exhorted concerned residents yesterday to make their voices heard before it's too late. They also called on Gov. Eliot Spitzer to come out against the 1,200-foot-long terminal proposed by Broadwater Energy Corp., of Houston,..." Even Senator Clinton weighed in via taped feed to the LNG terminal oppostion rally. With demand for electricity growing and shortages of natural gas projected to continue for the State and region, what are the choices? Ironically, Governor Spitzer made pre-election promises to close down two nuclear power plants in-state: diminishing the likelihood of nuclear power capacity expansions. By resisting LNG imports, then, people are tipping the supply side of the equation toward more coal fired generation capacity and in doing so, prodding the Climate Monster into the ring.Act two: As for the Mad Hatter from Maine, he is mad as hell, and jumping into the ring because he is fed up with mercury hot spots, clearly caused by coal fired electricity generation, that have made native fish have 4X the amount of mercury than FDA guidelines would recommend for human consumption. The Portland Press Herald reports that:-

Members of Maine's congressional delegation are calling for tougher limits on mercury emissions and the establishment of a monitoring program in response to new evidence of heavily contaminated "hot spots" in Maine and other Northeastern states.

Researchers who spent three years testing yellow perch and loons across the Northeast have identified five areas where mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and other sources accumulated to levels considered unsafe for animals and for humans.

The findings were published in the January issue of the scientific journal BioScience and presented publicly Tuesday by the lead authors.

Perhaps Senator Collins of Maine, who is calling for a Federally-required 90% cut in coal plant mercury emissions, will read our post and discuss with Senator Clinton of New York. It's everyone's backyard when it comes to climate and mercury.

Here's the money quote from the Portland article: "Scott Segal, a lawyer for the electricity industry, said a 90 percent cut is not feasible without switching from coal to an energy source such as natural gas, which is far more expensive".

And now back to the LNG ring, at Nimby Square Garden, where our match is about to begin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner meet the The Mad Matter".

"And in this corner, wearing a full-body soot suit, give a scream for Climate Monster".

"Officiating the match will".

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