Climate Justice Fast Begins - Hunger Strike Continues Through End of COP15 Conference

Calling it a "moral response to an immoral situation" and drawing inspiration from social justice luminaries like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the organizers of Climate Justice Fast, and a growing list of 150+ supporters from around the world, have begun a hunger strike to last through the end of the COP15 climate change conference on December 18th. Fasters will subsist on water alone for more than 40 days:We Must Rise Above Petty Political Differences
Climate Justice Fast organizer Anna Keenan describes the motivation being the hunger strike:

We must use Copenhagen to rise above the petty politics of climate change, to instead recognize it as a clearly moral issue, with a clear choice between what is right and what is morally wrong. World leaders have been making morally wrong decisions -- delay and inaction -- for too long, and right now is the time for change.

Demands: 350ppm, Mitigation Funding, End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
As far as what the global hunger strike hopes to accomplish, here is official statement from CFJ:
We, the participants of Climate Justice Fast! and undertaking our international hunger strike in order to call upon world leaders to act with courage and good faith for our common, global good, by implementing the most rapid possible transition to stabilize atmospheric greenhouse gases below 350ppm CO2, and by committing to deliver justice for the global poor, who are the least responsible for causing climate change, yet are already suffering the most from its effects.

Justice for the poor can be delivered by funding climate adaptation and mitigation activities in developing nations with at least US$160 billion per year, by a commitment to reduce overconsumption, wherever it exists, to equitable, sustainable levels and by eliminating developed countries' subsidies on fossil fuels and shifting them to renewable energy.

Climate Justice Fast is organized from Australia, with supporters engaging in hunger strikes in the United States, the UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Honduras, Bhutan, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

More info: Climate Justice Fast
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