Climate Commons — A Conversation About Climate Change, Sustainability and The Arctic


The artist Jane D Marsching has invited you all to join the ongoing conversation about climate change over at Climate Commons. Already conversing are 14 people who approach the subject from a diverse range of disciplines. Amongst others there’s a Historian, an Episcopal Priest, an Architect, a Comedian, and a Glaciologist. Marsching says, ‘As an interdisciplinary collaborative hybrid art/research project, Climate Commons seeks to point to the multiplicity of voices behind the complex environmental concerns and to create connections/analogies/discussion across disciplines, economies, and ideologies.’ The latest post comes from Matthew Shanley, an Artist and Programmer, about oil companies racing to drill in newly melted waters. Climate Commons is part of a larger art project by Jane D Marsching called Arctic Listening Post which is currently on show at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. We were extremely gratified to learn that Jane’s regular reading of TreeHugger over the past year inspired her to start this project. :: Climate Commons

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