Climate Change To Take 68% Bite Out of Tanzania's Economy

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photo: NataPics via flickr.

Continuing its string of climate change warnings this week, the International Institute for Environment and Development has commented on just how badly the poor in Africa are going to be hit by warming temperatures and changing precipitation. In the case of the poor in Tanzania things go from bad to worse:By 2030, GDP is expected to drop by 1% as climate change starts hitting agriculture, and by 2085 GDP could drop some 68% as temperatures warm on average 2-4°C.

The IIED says that while some crops could see a boost because of changing climate, the crop which 80% of the poor in Tanzania cultivate, corn, is likely to be particularly badly affected.

Early Adaptation Required...
And the nation has about 20 years to adapt... IIED economist Muyeye Chambwera,

The next twenty years will be a period of great climatic variability but later in the century the climate could tip into a very different reality marked by severe climate change because of continued warming. We don't know when this tipping point will come and that makes early action to adapt to climate change all the more urgent.

4°C Temperature Rise Assured Without Deep Emission Cuts
In case you missed it, earlier this week the UK's Met Office released some new projections under business-as-usual emissions scenarios which show that if left unchecked, by 2100 4°C of temperature rise is virtually assured and under high emissions scenarios that 4°C is reached by 2060. All of which means half of all animal and plant life could go extinct and half of humanity could face water shortages.

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