Climate Change: The Story is the Story

Looking at the news stand today is enough to make a treehugger deliriously hopeful. Climate change has hit the newspapers with a bang. As a result of yesterday's launch of Sir Nicholas Stern's report on the economics of climate change, Britain's newspapers are acknowledging the issue--big time. Each, in its own way, and representing its constituency, has spent pages today analysing and explaining the ramifications to its readers. The Financial Times, a newspaper which has only started mentioning this subject in the last year, has dedicated the first three pages of the paper to the subject, along with a lead editorial. It warns that "the Stern review is not only a counsel of hope, it is a necessary call for action". The Independent has always been a fountain of information--its cover (pictured) and content reflect its commitment. At the other end of the political spectrum is the Guardian which has outdone itself with enough to keep one reading for days. But we can't ignore the tabloids: the Daily Mail asks: "isn't the truth that the Government sees in global warming a heaven-sent opportunity to squeeze yet more money out of hard-pressed Middle Britain, while pretending it is all for the good of the planet?". Happy reading. :: Financial Times :: Independent :: Guardian :: Daily Mail