Climate Change Skeptic Lord Monckton Gets a Point-by-Point Debunking

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This is too awesome and frankly admirably obsessive: John Abraham, a professor of mechanical engineering specializing in in heat transfer and fluid mechanics at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, has taken the time to do a point-by-point analysis of a presentation that prominent climate change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton--who likened youth climate activists at COP15 to Hitler Youth--made back in October at Bethel University.

What makes the whole thing so great is that Abraham took the time to find each reference Lord Monckton made, check the source to see if it supported the spin Monckton placed on it, and then for many of them contacted the original report author to see if they personally agreed with Monckton's interpretation. The presentation itself is over 80 minutes long, but here a sample of what you're in for:

prof abraham debunks lord monckton image

prof abraham debunks lord monckton image

prof abraham debunks lord monckton image

prof abraham debunks lord monckton image

Basically, these screenshots give you the format: What Monckton claimed in his presentation (here try to show that Arctic sea ice is doing just fine, contrary to the widely publicized notion that the trend is towards less and less ice cover), followed by an examination of the source data, and then follow up questions to the original source authors or representatives of the organization.

The pattern is clear with Monckton: Each conclusion he draws from the data and made in the presentation is directly contradicted by both the original source material he himself cites and by the source authors when they are asked directly about it.

Kudos to Prof. Abraham for taking the time to do this. It certainly won't put an end to climate skepticism, but hopefully this will be spread far and wide and expose Lord Monckton for the absolute publicity addicted nutter that he is.

via: Climate Progress
UPDATE: Video of Prof. Abraham's presentation now available

This is the first in a a series of YouTube clips of the Abraham v Monckton debunking that have been uploaded since this post was first published.

Top image: Lord Mockton speaking with youth climate activists at COP15, photo: Matthew McDermott.
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