'Climate Change' Predates 'Global Warming' By Decades - Semantic Shift Wasn't Until 1980s

In case you're one of those people who think that the semantic shift from everyone saying 'global warming' a few years ago to 'climate change' today is some vast conspiracy led by tented-fingered Al Gore to somehow grift you, you neighbors and put a stop to your way of life Bright Green Blog will set you straight. The phenomena now called climate change was so-named for decades before 'global warming' really came into vogue in the 1980s:Looking at Google archives of past stories, the first reference they found to human-induced climate change dates back to the 1937 and an article in the Los Angeles Times.

Some references to 'climate change' continue through the 1950s and 1970s -- which a solitary reference to 'global warming' in 1969 in a UPI story. The real shift happened in the 1980s, and in particular post-1988 when James Hansen gave testimony to Congress on rising global temperatures. From that time until 2000, references to 'global warming' were nearly twice as popular as 'climate change'.

This Isn't Just Scientific Fad
Read the full original article for more detail, but this quote really sums it up:

...to describe 'climate change' as a recent coinage is simply false. Much like claims that all the scientists were working about 'global cooling' in the 1970s (they weren't), such a description seeks to paint the dire warnings of climate scientists as nothing more than a fad.

It isn't.

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