Climate Change Impacts Conservative Cities, Too

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Newport Beach is one of the reddest cities in California, and its political representatives have been known for espousing disbelief in climate change. But that hasn't stopped climate change from causing rising sea levels to threaten the city. The LA Times reports:

Cities along California's coastline that for years have dismissed reports of climate change or lagged in preparing for rising sea levels are now making plans to fortify their beaches, harbors and waterfronts. Communities up and down the coast have begun drafting plans to build up wetlands as buffers against rising tides, to construct levees and seawalls to keep the waters at bay or to retreat from the shoreline by moving structures inland. Among them is Newport Beach, a politically conservative city where a council member once professed to not believe in global warming. Now, the wealthy beach city is considered to be on the forefront of preparing for climate change.

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