Climate Change Affecting Pakistani Power Supplies


Basically, Pakistan's hydroelectric reservoirs are drying up. Several are reported to be at "dead level," which means the turbines can only use run-of-the-river flows, and have lower output as a result. Because natural gas supplies are also low, there are more extended power shortages.

The Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) has increased the load shedding duration for domestic consumers from two to four hours, due to shortfall of power generation. The load shedding duration for the industrial sector has not yet been increased.

The water level at Tarbela Dam [pictured when water was more plentiful] has reached dead level, resulting in a power generation shortfall of 1,200 MW. The hydroelectric power generation in the country has, therefore, decreased from 3,400 MW to 2,400 MW. The independent power producers, meanwhile, are generating 4,800 MW only.

One can only expect increased interest in expanding nuclear power generation capacities in such an environment. Wonder how many other nations are in a similar condition? Climate change => Impacting Foreign Policy. Who'd have thought?

Via::GuruEarth, Daily Times, "PEPCO increases load shedding duration" Image credit::Asian Development Bank, Project Photos, Tarbela Dam outfall, Pakistan.

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