Climate Care Heads Down Under


Australians may be world leaders in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, but with their new government signing Kyoto as one of its first acts in power, it seems change may well be in the air. So, is Australia about to go green in a big way? UK-based offset company Climate Care certainly seems to think so, as they have just announced the opening of an Australian office in Sydney. Corin Millais, the head of the new office Down Under seems hopeful:

"With the growth in the Australian market in coming years, customers in the offset market will want absolute assurance about the quality, credibility and value of the offsets they’re buying. Our presence in the market provides companies and consumers with the option of dealing with a global player with global credentials."

We’re glad to see responsible offset providers expanding their operations. Of course, offsets are no magic bullet solution to the problem of climate change, and controversy looks set to continue for some time to come. For thoughts on how offsets can be used responsibly, check out our guide on How to Green Your Carbon Offsets. ::Climate Care:: via site visit::

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