Climate Care Delivers One Million Tonnes of Offsets


The UK's leading carbon offset provider Climate Care, who earlier this week became the focus of protesters from climate camp, has released a statement announcing a major milestone — 1 million tonnes of offsets sold. That, says the company's founder Mike Mason, is like taking 300,000 cars off the road for a year. He also used the opportunity to respond to critics of offsets:

"This highlights the real impact that voluntary funding of credible carbon offsets can have in delivering actual emissions reductions. If we are in a hurry to tackle climate change, and we need to make real reductions quickly, voluntary offsets need to be recognised as a core part of everyone's reductions strategy. However, the huge contribution that this market can make to both reducing global warming and to improving the lives of millions in the third world, is now under threat from a combination of insensitive regulation by government and persistent negative media. For many, the concern has been that buying offsets achieves nothing more than clear consciences, which our delivery milestone clearly shows is not the case. This landmark achievement is simply the beginning, with next years sales expected to fund reductions equivalent to an impressive 1% of the entire UK's annual carbon footprint."

The company also pointed out that the reductions achieved by Climate Care have come at a time when the UK's overall emissions have risen — by 4.6 million tones a year for the last ten years. Climate Care puts it this way:

"Clearly the success of the voluntary offset market needs to be recognised if we
really want to deliver the reductions needed to secure a sustainable future for
ourselves and our children. Government policy has delivered an increase, the
voluntary market has delivered a reduction "

Anyone wanting to learn more about offsets, and how to make sure they really are part of an overall emissions reduction strategy, should check out our guide on How to Green Your Carbon Offsets.::Climate Care::via site visit::

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