Clif Bar Launches Green Notes Program


We've seen several environmental initiatives from Clif Bar in the past year or so and this is yet another. Last night, when British rock band Gomez kicked off their North American tour in Burlington, VT, they were not only burning cleaner and greener with biodiesel fuel in their tour bus, but they also implemented a multitude of eco-friendly initiatives. This was because of a unique partnership with Clif Bar's new GreenNotes program. The program will provide resources to help touring bands reduce their environmental footprint and encourage their fans to do the same and the goal is to work directly with like-minded bands to create a positive environmental change within the music community. As part of the program, bands will receive an environmental assessment and overhaul of their touring operations and will be provided with the education, tools and incentives to enlist fan support and commitment. Some examples of what Gomez has implemented:
- Use biodiesel to fuel its tour bus
- Offset the tour's CO2 emissions through the purchase of clean, renewable wind energy credits
- Use recycled paper and soy based inks for printed materials
- Provide organic cotton merchandise options for its fans
- Request organic food backstage at all shows
- Minimize the idling of tour buses
- Stay at hotels identified as more sustainable

"We've been working to reduce Clif Bar's environmental impact for the last few years and now recognize the true importance of sharing what we're learning with others," says Grady O'Shaughnessy of Clif Bar. For more information on what Clif Bar does as a company, see our interview with Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO. ::Clif Bar's GreenNotes Program