Clicking, at Last, on 'Don't Print'


fake picture of a "green office." Who has a real rolodex anymore?

Lisa Belkin of the New York Times just started to try to go paper free. "Until last week I collected interview notes and e-mail exchanges and Web downloads on my computer, then printed and sorted, underlined and typed until I had a column. Something about holding papers, and rearranging them, fired up my brain."

Using nothing but her computer and the fabulous new cut and paste feature, she has written a good article about measure that offices are taking to go green, all well know to TreeHugger readers, including printing both sides on paper, recycling, turning off computers at night and getting rid of bottled water. She even finds an architecture firm with a "worm habitat" and "worm wrangler." Entertaining reading at the ::New York Times. See TreeHugger for more ideas at How to Green Your Work.