Clickgreener: Shop Till You Drop and Save the Environment


There are those who say that a green consumer is an oxymoron; there are others who say that buying green is better than buying the normal crap. Owen Ward lowers the bar another notch with Clickgreener, a new shopping portal. It aggregates retailers' online websites, many of which give referral fees to sites that forward traffic, and gives 51% of the fees to environmental charities. If you buy a fur coat from the Hudson Bay Company, you can direct your donation to the World Wildlife Fund.



He told the Star that travel changed him: "I saw an enormous amount of poverty and environmental degradation and it really changed something in me," says the now 29-year-old entrepreneur. "I really believe everyone cares about the environment and everyone wants to do something. The barriers are cost and time. This takes both of those barriers away."

I suppose that anything that raises money for the environment and opens peoples' eyes a little bit is a good thing, and if a few cents are squeezed out of Best Buy or FTD florists for the environment, why should I be churlish about it. I might even use it for my Amazon purchases and feel a little better about them when I know I should be bicycling down to Book City.

The World Wildlife Fund told the Star that it signed on with because it saw the site as a new source of donations and another opportunity to change consumer behaviour.

"Sometimes we're telling people to ride your bike to work. Here we're telling them to shop online via," said Monica Da Ponte, the fund's manager of marketing alliances.

Something just tells me that we have to do better than this. ::Clickgreener and ::TheStar

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