Cleanup Crews Fight Oil Spill in China With Bare Hands


Images via the Telegraph

Sadly, the BP Gulf spill (or whatever you want to call it) isn't the only major oil spill looming at the moment. In China, two major oil pipelines exploded, sending thousands of barrels into waters off the nation's northeastern shores. The oil has reportedly spread over 365 miles of ocean, and both the company responsible for the spill and the local authorities were evidently woefully unprepared to combat it -- reports surfaced that cleanup workers, desperate to fend off the crude, resorted to using their bare hands to contain the toxic oil.And you thought BP was unprepared. Granted, this spill in China is nowhere near the magnitude of the one in Gulf, but the fact is, this is an incredibly devastating event.

The Agence France Presse reports:

Chinese authorities battled Thursday to contain an oil spill on the country's northeast coast amid reports it was spreading.

The government has mobilized hundreds of fishing boats and other vessels to clean up the spill that occurred in the port city of Dalian, but Greenpeace said many people thrown into the effort were reduced to using their bare hands.

Remember, this oil is toxic, and is quite dangerous if ingested. Official reports state that 1,500 tons of oil have been lost into the sea in the course of the spill so far, and that 400 tons have been cleaned up. There are suspicions that the true numbers are much higher in reality (sound familiar?).

Workers are ill-equipped and under-trained, and at least one man has drowned trying to clean up the spill. Others have nearly suffered the same fate, as pictured here (via the Telegraph):

Screen shot 2010-07-22 at 6.37.16 PM.png


Needless to say, despite the size of China's spill (reports say that it's still growing), it's a tragedy that anyone has to risk his or her life defending their shores from the oil.

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