CleanTech Investments in India Increased by 58% in 2007

Flag of India

With all the attention going to China these days, sometimes we forget about the other fast-changing giant. Some good news: the Cleantech Group presented a new report titled "Cleantech India Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment" at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. They found that investment in cleantech firms in the country has increased by 58% in 2007, bringing the total to $210 million, compared to $133 million in 2006.

The dilemma is that there is a pressing need to increase the standard of living of millions of Indians, and just getting electricity to them would be a big improvement. But the Indian power grid is very dirty, with some of the worse coal plant around. So new investments and new technologies will be required to leapfrog over the temptation of adding more very dirty power generation. The lower the cost of clean technologies become, the more they will be adopted in developing countries. ::Cleantech on the Verge of an Explosion in India. See also: ::Solar Pyramids Being Built in India, ::Bio-Digesters in India

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