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With hypermiling getting ever-more popular as gas prices increase, it seems strange that TreeHugger has yet to feature a post purely about CleanMPG. Billed as an online community for learning to "raise fuel economy and lower emissions in whatever you drive", CleanMPG features timely posts on the latest in green automotive technology, some insightful forums on the ins-and-outs of getting better gas mileage, and reviews of cars and accessories that can help you on the way to true gas-frugality. The website even includes a mileage log showing the astounding fuel economy figures some members are apparently achieving (103mpg in a Honda Insight, 63.7 in a Honda Civic!). The site also includes an excellent response to the perennial 'hypermiling is dangerous' debate:

"Hypermiling is a "toolbox" from which any driver selects methods that s/he feels are both safe and efficient, factoring in vehicle, driver, and situation. CleanMPG stresses that beginning Hypermilers should add only one new method at a time, if necessary testing at low speeds in an empty parking lot or on a deserted back road, and should never try anything they feel will be unsafe. In Hypermiling , the driver exercises the same discretion required in all driving. Going 65mph may be deemed "safe" on a highway with a 65mph limit, but not in a mall parking lot, or for that matter on the same highway in rain or snow. Hypermilers drive more safely than today's average US driver because (a) they do not drive at speeds above the posted speed limits, (b) they focus intently on the road and traffic conditions around them, and (c) they keep to the right hand lane."
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