Clean Coal Carolers Slink out of Town in Shame

I am so happy that I got them into Youtube, because it appears that enough people complained about the Coal Carolers that they have skipped town. Some thought they were just stupid, but others implied that rewriting Silent Night was sacreligious. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC asked:

"how about turning the most famous song in English about the birth of Jesus into a commercial for the coal industry...OK, you guys know what that song was about before you changed the words, right? Where are the 'War on Christmas' people when you need them?"

Watch about 1:30 in.

On America's Power blog, Joe Lucas, VP of Communications of ACCCE wrote yesterday:

I'll put my years as a Sunday school teacher, church deacon and church musician up against just about anybody else when it comes to understanding hymnology and respect for religious traditions.

That said, before we even received one response to our blog, we decided to remove the "Silent Night" tune from the Clean Coal Caroler feature.

That was yesterday. But today, no sign of it anywhere. Who knows, maybe it's the power of the blogs. Maybe Don Blankenship thought it was written by atheists and commies. But it will live on in TreeHugger here.

More at Switchboard

Joe Lucas' latest post says "We had fun this week with the Clean Coal Carolers and hope you enjoyed them."- gee, it seems they went to all that work for just three days of exposure. Now he is off for the holidays. What a gig! An employee of the Department of Energy commented "I read that some group was complaining about them but why should we bow down to whiners? I say, bring them back!" We agree, Maria!

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