C.K. Prahalad, Kraft Going Green(ish) and The COP15 Lead Up in Barcelona


A weekly wrap up of green and socially minded business news from the gang at TriplePundit.com.

Warrior Film-making: The Story of Free Range Studios - Startup Friday features the makers of The Meatrix today and the trials and tribulations of launching a media enterprise with a sustainable goal.

C.K. Prahalad Q&A;: Lessons from the Bottom of the Pyramid - Jim Wiktin had a chance to interview C.K. Prahalad on the 5th anniversary of his seminal work, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Find out what's new!

Chocolate Goes Green: Kraft Rolls out Sustainable Sweet Treats - Kraft Foods is known more for junk food than quality, sustainably produced food. But a new partnership with Rainforest Alliance suggests change is in the air for one new brand of chocolate.

Barcelona Climate Talks End after a Week of Boycotts - The last meeting on the Road to Copenhagen emphasized the lingering stalemate between rich and poor nations, and the equally unmoving impasse between political factions in the United States. Is there a chance for progress?

The Fourth Bottom Line of Sustainability: Perspective - Steven Kenney suggests it's time to put a fourth P alongside people, planet, and profit: perspective.

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