City Sues Man for Going Zero Waste


San Carlos, California's municipal code requires all residences to get weekly garbage pickup from a private hauler. But Eddie House recycles paper, metal and plastics, regularly hauling them in his pickup truck to a recycling center. What little backyard waste he generates is ground into powder by his wood chipper and food scraps are either pulverized by his garbage disposal or eaten by his dog. House's larger items are either sold or given to people on Craigslist.

Since he doesn't create any garbage, he cancelled his pickup. So the city is suing him.

"I don't understand a city ordinance that requires you to fill up a can. That's downright foolishness," he said. isn't exactly No Impact Man or Sarah McGaughey; according to the Examiner:

San Carlos Deputy City Manager Moura said House's lack of garbage service was brought to the attention of city officials after neighbors complained that House was causing foul smells by burning his garbage.

House acknowledges that the fire department was called to his house several times, but says that each time he was simply burning firewood. ::Groovy Green

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