Citizens Reach Across the Border to Fight Climate Change

In yet another example of why a wall between the United States and Mexico doesn't always make sense, more than 5,000 people from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and El Paso are engaged in activities this week to increase awareness about climate change as part of a regional Clean Up the World effort.

"We hope that this will be the start of a bi-national relationship which joins the two cities instead of dividing them, given that both cities share the same air, water and earth even though they are situated in two different countries," Ernesto Moreno Mona, director of industrial relations at the Jurarez Limpio Asociacion Civil.

A number of environmental activities will be carried out during the week in both Ciudad Jaurez and El Paso including clean ups of schools, parks and waterways as well as tree plantings and competitions and exhibitions.

The Clean Up the World campaign is in its fifteenth year and is supported by the United Nation's Environment Programme (UNEP). The 2007 theme is 'Our Climate, Our Actions, Our Future' and channels community action to address the causes of climate change.

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