Citibank Argentina Reduces Paper, Protects Rain Forest


Though a trend toward green banking hasn't fully taken yet in Argentina, the local branch of Citibank has launched a campaign to replace paper statements with digital ones in order to reduce unnecessary use of paper. To mark the occasion, the bank has also signed an agreement with the Vida Silvestre foundation to help preserve wildlife reservations in Misiones province, which lies about 1000 kilometers from Buenos Aires.The initiative's website states that so far, more than 46,200 people have subscribed. Besides that being good news, what seemed really cool was to find that the site that communicates the action also holds lots of information about green steps people can take at home, about endangered wildlife, and, of course, the Misiones province reservation. Another nice touch is that those clients that sign in to receive their information via e-mail will also participate in monthly raffles to win bikes! and trips to the mentioned rain forest.

According to a communication released by the company, Citibank will specifically help with "preservation and maintenance of a portion of the Misiones rain forest located at the UruguaĆ­ and Yacutinga wildlife reservations."

The bank's actions will include:
-Participating in preservation of the infrastructure at UruguaĆ­, a 3,200 hectare Wildlife Reservation located in the central northern area of Misiones, next to Uruguay National Park;
-Helping with research and park ranger training activities at San Pedro School for the same reservation; and
-Helping recover areas of the rain forest that were cut down at Yacutinga Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest wildlife reservations in the Province of Misiones under Vida Silvestre's care.

Clients of Citibank Argentina that want to join can simply login to their accounts through the institution's website and opt for the "e-mail alerts" option.

If you're not a client of Citibank, another way of helping is, of course, to join Vida Silvestre. This organization has more than 30 years of history fighting for wildlife and rain forests in Argentina. During these years, it has donated lands to create National Parks, helped preserve natural reservations, and been involved in different law-projects related to the environment.

Another bank that has joined green action in Latin America is the Real in Brazil, which has adopted measures such as use of recycled paper for checks and account statements.

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