Cigarette Company Demeans the Meaning of "Eco-Friendly"

cigarette ad eco friendly image

Life imitates the Onion as the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company introduces Eco-friendly cigarettes. Wendy Koch at USA Today's Green House quotes a company spokesperson who says "We try to be good stewards of the environment," as they sell a product that addicts and kills their users, pollutes the air, and creates huge amounts of litter. But hey, they printed their claims on recycled paper and put in hand dryers in their Santa Fe offices.Lawyers are complaining:

"It is misleading to talk about being eco-friendly in a cigarette ad," given the problems of littering and secondhand smoke, says Jeanne Finberg, a deputy attorney general in California who focuses on tobacco litigation.

Joel Makower gets it right:

The average person is going to look at that ad and ask, 'What are they smoking?

More at USA Today

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