Christian Coalition Has Senator Graham's Back on Climate


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There's been much speculation regarding what Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) next move will be on the bipartisan clean energy reform legislation he's helping to craft. Reportedly angered by the passage of the health care bill, he was making noise about how Democrats had "poisoned the well". And it's already been a tough road for Graham--his constituents and fellow Republicans have called him names like "wussy pants," "asshat" and, bafflingly, "half-a-sissy" (so is he less or more of a plain ol' sissy?). But now, a powerful group has rallied to his aid, in hopes of pushing him to continue to support clean energy reform: the Christian Coalition. The group has begun running ads in South Carolina, focusing on the energy independence motivation for passing climate legislation. They conjure up Bush's famous line (arguably, in retrospect, the former president's best moment) about cutting dependence on foreign oil, and urge Graham to keep fighting the good fight.

Here's the script of the ad spot, via Mother Jones (from Grist):

President Bush was right: our addiction to foreign oil threatens our national security and economic prosperity. America spends almost a billion dollars a day on foreign oil and a lot of that goes to countries that do not like us and harbor terrorists. Washington's failure to act puts our national security at risk, and drains our economy. I've heard from so many Christian Coalition supporters that energy is one of the most important issues we face today. America is a can-do country. We've got to take the lead to explore energy alternatives and protect our national security. We have to make our country safer by creating jobs with the made-in-America energy plan. I would like to ask you to call Sen. Lindsey Graham and encourage him to continue fighting for our families.
It's a great ad, and it's smart to reference Bush in South Carolina to help make a case for curbing carbon emissions and working towards energy independence. Also, it's a great sign that the Christian Coalition continues to be active in the push for clean energy reform--with 2.5 million members across the country, they're a powerful force whose message perhaps can't be written off by 'average Americans' as easily as, say, some elitist blogger in Brooklyn.

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