Christian Aid Stages Power Station 'Trespass'

Christian Aid Trespass photo

Image credit: Christian Aid

From Greenpeace painting on HP's roof to a renegade activist that shut down an entire power station, there's nothing like a bit of trespass to get the age-old debate going again about the rights and wrongs of protesting. Now UK-based Christian Aid, the same folks that are organizing a climate ride to Copenhagen and who marched across Britain to fight climate change, are getting in on the trespass band wagon. Only these guys are going virtual. They've even got Prime Minister Gordon Brown within their sights.The "mass visual trespass" started on Friday night to mark the 100 day countdown to December’s UN climate change summit in Copenhagen. Images of Christian Aid supporters holding up climate justice messages directed at Prime Minister Gordon Brown were beamed onto a cooling tower at the E.ON power station in Ironbridge, Shropshire. These will be followed by a series of Mass Visual Trespasses targeting similar landmarks across Britain over the next four months.

Supporters can leave text, video or photo messages demanding tough climate action which the organization promises will be projected somewhere where Gordon Brown "cannot miss them". Watch this space.

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