Chris Matthews on Leno: Cheney Hiding Role in BP Oil Spill (Video)


Photo via Brian Beutler

Dick Cheney's involvement in Haliburton is hardly news to anyone -- but his role in the offshore drilling industry may be. Chris Matthews went on Leno last night, and vented his anger at BP's negligence, Cheney's shady ties to the oil industry, and why president Obama attitude towards the catastrophe "scares" him. Watch the clip after the jump:

Did I mention that Matthews also somehow managed to squeeze in some mild misogyny while he was at it? Because he did! Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if BP is really going to be found at fault for its increasingly clear negligence, and whether Obama starts taking a firmer stance.

He just started requesting that BP give him daily updates, and the EPA finally shut down the company's use of toxic chemical dispersants, but Matthews is right on that count: Obama has been by-and-large mum on the matter besides the PR appearance in Venice and the speech a couple days back. It is indeed an unprecedented disaster, as he noted, but that calls for unprecedented leadership -- it's time to send a strong signal to the oil companies that they'll be penalized for flouting regulations and negligently engaging in hazardous practices.

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