Chinese Hackers Behind Stolen Climate Emails?


photo via ruby-sapphire

Britain's The Mail is running a story this morning with new details on the hacked email scandal, known as Climategate. The paper reports that the stolen emails from some of the world's top climate scientists were funneled through computers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to a server in Russia, where they were displayed on an FTP. They also say that they have evidence that the hackers were Chinese, putting a new twist on the evolving story. Reports The Mail:

The address used to post the emails is also on an international 'black list' which highlights suspicious behaviour on the internet.

The revelation comes after the Russian security service, the FSB - the former KGB - authorised the release of confidential information that allowed us to retrace the route taken by the email traffic.

A computer company in Siberia was ultimately used to post the controversial messages - which cast doubt on the reliability of scientists' global warming claims - on the internet.

The revelation led to claims that the Russians were behind the release of the information.

But, anxious to distance themselves from the leak, the FSB revealed how the data had been sent to Siberia from a computer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The evidence passed to The Mail on Sunday now raises questions about whether Chinese hackers, backed by the communist regime, are the source of the emails


The article is light on named sources and probably should be read with a healthy dose of skepticism. Nonetheless, details continue to emerge about the hacking even as it becomes clear that scientists and policy makers view the scandal as a distraction. The overwhelming consensus is that there is anthropogenic warming of the planet and immediate action is required, scandal or not.

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