Chinese Government-Owned Company Considers Buying Partially-Built Hybrid California Power Plant

contract signing victorville california VV2 solar thermal hybrid power-plant photo

Contract signing in 2008 for "VV2" solar-thermal-gas hybrid power plant turbine purchase. Image credit:City of Victorville CA.

Looks as if the economic downturn has claimed another green casualty. And the upshot is not pretty. Victorville CA's Daily Press reports that the City of Victorville over-reached on plans to build a municipally-owned hybrid power plant, called the "VV2," and can't drum up funding to pay for millions of dollars worth of outstanding equipment orders. (See design details in our earlier post:- Victorville CA Power Developer Proposes 'Cross-Designed' Power Plant.).
From the story China eyes local power project, Communist government interested in buying, running VV2 we learn that

...the city is hoping to seal a deal with a Chinese government-owned power company interested in possibly buying the whole power plant. The Chinese representatives have asked for 30 days for "due diligence."
Guess who's money the Chinese government will be using to buy and operate the plant (if the deal is sealed)?

In related news, Victorville and the State at-large are in an ongoing struggle over green vs black: with one faction preferring the smaller carbon footprint approach (typified by the hybrid solar-thermal power plant) and another wanting to return to the golden days of big coal and government passivity on climate issues.

A local Democratic State of CaliforniaAssemblyman seeks to repeal state's global warming law. Looks as if the fiscal crisis in California has some on both sides of the aisle re-thinking the State's leadership position in climate action.

Authored by then Assembly Speaker Fabien Núñez, ostensibly to combat the effects of global warming, AB 32 forces businesses to reduce "greenhouse gas" emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020.

Logue's proposal, Assembly Bill 118 would repeal the 2006 measure. At the very least, introduction of this measure will force a discussion as to whether a California-only approach to a global question is appropriate given the state's current tumultuous economic conditions.

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