China's Emissions Should Peak by 2030: New Chinese Report

wind turbines china photo

The report recommends financial mechanisms that favor clean energy and systems to put a price on carbon to enable declining emissions past 2030. Photo: David Schroeter via flickr.

A senior Chinese climate change official may have just said that the nation would start cutting carbon emissions by 2050, but a new study from some of the nation's top climate scientists says that China's emissions can and should peak much earlier, by 2030. Reuters has the details on the new "2050 China Energy and CO2 Emissions Report": The report says that the "potential threat to China exists and is massive." As a solution the report recommends "as soon as possible" drafting relative and then absolute targets to cap the total amount of carbon emissions, which should start slowing by 2020 and peaking around 2030.

If this is done then by 2050 the nation's emissions could fall to 2005 levels, the report said.

As for how to do this, the report recommends financial steps that favor clean energy, a carbon tax on fossil fuels, as well as moving towards a cap and trade system.

via: Reuters
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