China To Allow More Foreign-Made Wind Turbine Parts

wind-turbine bearing race

North Carolina-made wind turbine bearing. Image

China, Inc. has reversed a 2005 policy and will now allow wind turbines made in China to include lots of imported parts. From the FreeLibrary: "The decision by the National Development and Reform Commission...means wind farms in China no longer have to source at least 70 percent of turbine parts from the domestic market, the China Business News said Monday." It's too early to know if the decision will mainly benefit European versus North American parts makers. But, a people need hope for employment, so let's remain optimistic. Wouldn't it be ironic if Chinese investment created more numerous and sustainable US green jobs than the US stimulus package? I mean, which is the steadier source of investment money for the wind turbine supply chain: Chinese Government or the US Government? It certainly isn't T. Boone Pickens.

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