China Short Of Coal: 12-Day Reserve And Counting


Everybody has noticed the worldwide grain shortages: starting with the hungry; eventually the Washington DCs pundit class noticed. Maybe the pundits will have answers to these new questions - How will Wal-mart fill our economic belly with low cost goods when the Chinese machine sputters to a halt, out of coal? Will the summer Olympics go dark?

China only has enough coal for 12 days of consumption, three days less than a month ago, state media reported Wednesday, sounding the alarm bells over the nation's most important source of energy.

In certain parts of China, such as densely populated Hebei province in the north, reserves are down to less than a week, Xinhua news agency reported, citing the China Electricity Regulatory Commission.

In the period since early March, coal reserves have slumped by 12 percent to 46.7 million tonnes, according to the commission.

More important question:
will this make Chinese authorities take renewable energy more seriously?

Next most important question: will the US resume a world leadership roll on climate issues?

Third most important question:
were the "limits to growth" people right all along?

Via::Energy Daily, "China's coal reserves down to just 12 days: report" Image credit::WoodPileReport, Coal Salvaging near Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1937

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