China Says US & Rich Nations Sabotaging Climate Treaty

bangkok climate talks photo

photo: UNFCCC

At UN climate talks in Bangkok -- the second to last talks before the COP15 summit in Copenhagen -- the Guardian reports that China's special representative on climate change has accused the United States other industrialized nations of trying to sabotage the climate treaty. Yu Qingtai said,Rich Nations Dodging Responsibility

The reason why we are not making progress is the lack of political will by Annex 1 countries. There is a concerted effort to fundamentally sabotage the Kyoto protocol. We now hear statements that would lead to the termination of the protocol. They are introducing new rules, new formats. That's not the way to conduct negotiations.

China's call was picked up by the G77 nations, which represents 133 developing nations at the climate talks, which asserted that rich countries are trying to dodge their historical responsibility as being, until recently, responsible for the vast majority of carbon emissions.

China's Being Saying This For Six Months...
Check out the original article -- linked above and below -- for more detailed discussion of the accusations, but this is basically just a reiteration of what's been said by China and other developing nations for at least the past six months: Rich nations should make greater emissions cuts (40% from 1990 levels by 2020) and that they should be tied into a binding international treaty -- unlike recent moves by the US which indicate it would prefer a less stringent approach to emission reduction targets.

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