China Pollution Tax Considered (Again)

air pollution china photo

Air pollution impacts bicyclists in China. Image credit:Acid Cow, excerpted.

Chinese government agencies are reported to be considering taxing polluting businesses, including, but apparently not limited to, carbon dioxide. According to a story in the Himalayan Times, "'Collecting environmental taxes from (polluting) companies is one of the directions of China's tax system reform,' Zhang Lijun, deputy head of the Environmental Protection Ministry, told reporters." ABC News, covering the same story, reports that "In 2006, the World Bank said that 16 out of 20 of the world's worst polluted cities were in China." However, this is just the latest in a series of e-tax announcements, made over the last several years.China Environmental Law calls 2009 "The Year of the Environmental Tax." In their coverage they mention that:-

Grizzled observers of China's environmental policy development will not get too excited at this news. The idea was floated at least as early as October 2007, when Pan Yue (remember him?) was quoted as saying "[w]e are actively promoting this idea [of an environmental tax]."
Does this back and forth remind us of the current game of back-room climate ping pong being played in the US Congress? Yes.

Real change will take strong leadership on both sides.

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