China Now World's Largest Importer of Illegal Timber (Video)

I'll let the video, from the Environmental Investigation Agency, tell the tale on this one, but here's the teaser: A new report shows that not only is China the world's largest importer of wood products (because of protections on its own forests, it just plunders ones overseas) but it's also the largest importer of illegal timber.

In 2011, the nation imported at least 18.5 million cubic meters of illegal logs and illegal finished timber, valued at $3.7 billion.

47% of the illegal logs imported in 2011 came from Russia, with 21% coming from Papua New Guinea. The Solomon Islands (12%), Burma (4%), the Republic of Congo (4%), Equatorial Guinea (2%), and Mozambique (1.5%) round out the other sources of illegal wood.

EIA's Faith Doherty says, "China is now effectively exporting deforestation around the world."

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China Now World's Largest Importer of Illegal Timber (Video)
A new investigation shows that China imported $3.7 billion worth of illegal logs and timber products in 2011.

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