China is Kicking Our A@$ in Clean Energy: The Infographic


Infographic by One Block Off the Grid

These days, I typically try to avoid proliferating the "China is kicking our ass in clean energy" mantra, if only because nobody seems to care -- regardless of how much Tom Friedman wants us to. (For the record, they are, and we should). But One Block Off the Grid's little infographic went and made it pretty clear just how China's investment in renewable energy compares to the United States' -- and it's not pretty.

Here 'tis: A couple things to note, before you dive in: First, that 800 MW of installed solar capacity they attribute to China doesn't included the slew of rooftop solar units that the nation's larger cities are famous for (I guess they're mostly solar water heaters, but something on the graphic should note that achievement).

Secondly, make sure to scroll down to the bottom -- that's where things really start to get interesting. And, to zoom in, see the full-sized infographic here.

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