China in 2020: Powered by 35% Clean Energy

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Photo via China Daily

China's notorious coal-powered plants will be given some relief, come 2020--an announcement's been made that the #1 greenhouse gas emitting country in the world plans to have 35% of its power come from clean energy sources by then. And good thing, too, seeing as how China's coal plants burn 20 million tons of coal a year. China believes it's on target to generate roughly 570 gigawatts of clean energy a year--which is some good news in for the otherwise hazy, carbon-filled future of the economic giant. It's good news that comes with the bad, however--China's electrical capacity is set to double by 2020. That's right, double. And as of now, China gets 80% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants--a total of some 1,600 gigawatts.

Meanwhile, China's placed a call to developed nations like the US. According to Bloomberg, it requested the following:

They should agree to trim greenhouse-gas output by at least 40 percent of 1990 levels by 2020, according to a statement dated yesterday on the Web site of the National Development and Reform Commission of Beijing, China’s top economic planner.

The target China's set will certainly make it more difficult for the US to continue citing the nation as a reason to postpone passing climate legislation and carbon reduction goals. Despite the fact that it's not carbon reduction targets proper, it's nonetheless a major symbol that China is getting serious about climate change considerations--or at least about appearing to on the world's stage.

The report didn't include which forms of clean energy China plans on relying on primarily.

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