China Imposes Consumption Tax on Chopsticks


The January - February print issue of WorldWatch Magazine intimated that China was considering a nationwide 5% tax on disposable chopsticks. It would seem they were on the money, as the chopstick tax is now due to implemented next month, according to a news report. The news story notes the Chinese government as saying "it is a terrible waste of timber that is depleting the country's forests." The WorldWatch piece would agree with this, indicating that China produces some 45 billion pairs a year — just for domestic use alone, downing the equivalent of 25 million trees. This new tax is part of round of consumption taxes to help China cut "energy use by a fifth over the next five years and improve the environment." Should we now look to the West to impose a consumption tax on ice cream sticks and coffee stirrers? Now, there's thought. Via ::ABC online.See our related stories on the BYO chopsticks movement, and the lamps made from rescued chopsticks.

Image found at chiaroscuro photo blog. (And yes, we did note they are are probably reusable chopsticks in the photo, but we just liked the colours, so cut us some slack.)